October 2018

Tom Anderson and Rob Quinn discuss effective management and treatment methods for this condition.

29 mins

Sarah Heath, in the run up to firework season, looks at practical and pharmacological approaches to managing sound-related fear.

28 mins

Nicola Bates discusses how to approach poisoned patient cases to determine appropriate decontamination and further treatment.

37 mins

Kathryn Cowley's OA management series advances with advice on effective methods of monitoring via measurement tools and how to communicate this guidance with owners.

16 mins

Rachel Hattersley provides guidance on assessing and managing these types of skin injuries.

28 mins

Marge Chandler discusses programmes to advise owners for weight management and genetic preconditions of some breeds in regards to obesity.

48 mins

September 2018

Sophie Keyte and Tom Harcourt-Brown look at the arguments for managing the disease medically or surgically and urge vets to offer owners all options.

22 mins

Mathilde Granger discusses management, care and rehabilitation considerations when dealing with traumatic brain injuries.

31 mins

Francesco Cian discusses the case of a 1.5-year-old female crossbreed dog imported from eastern Europe in his latest Cytology Corner.

7 mins

James Warland and Kelly Bowlt-Blacklock discuss a range of medical cases where misusing antimicrobials ensures (part 2 of 3).

26 mins

Gerald McLaughlan, in the first of a two-part article, looks at some of the most common procedures performed in canine and feline patients.

42 mins

Chris Linney discusses a condition considered likely genetic among numerous breeds, as well as diagnostic and therapy options.

55 mins

James Warland in the second of a two-part article, discusses levels of success for methods to overcome this common condition.

48 mins

August 2018

Kathryn Cowley's series about this condition continues with a focus on conveying the seriousness of OA to the client and ways to provide helpful information.

11 mins

Emi Barker looks at how symptoms arise, investigation methods and approaches to treatment.

54 mins

Francesco Cian starts with an image from a urine sediment from an adult male cat with acute history of vomiting and oliguria as the jumping off point for another Cytology Corner.

6 mins

Diana Ferreira describes approaches to the control of flare factors and chronic management of this lifelong skin disease in dogs.

36 mins

Roseanne Jepson discusses the link between these conditions and suggests various treatment options.

38 mins

David Beeston explains how some of his most rewarding veterinary experiences have happened during out-of-hours shifts. Includes video content.

Robyn Thomson and Derek Flaherty guide readers through the stages and considerations for anaesthetising cats diagnosed with asthma.

54 mins