April 2019

Max Foreman recalls a feline presentation of a history of lethargy, inappetence and adipsia.

5 mins

Joy Howell recounts her role in a volunteering trip to Africa to help locals in their ongoing mission to eliminate this viral disease.

31 mins

Kerry Peak and David Walker summarise clinical applications of some more novel diagnostic tests for these concerns in small animals.

62 mins

Ian Wright discusses methods vets can use to get clients on board with continuing to apply parasite treatments to their pets.

39 mins

Kevin Parsons investigates how 3D printing can aid in surgery, focusing on the manufacture of custom implants and prosthetics.

24 mins

March 2019

James Warland describes taking a logical route to diagnosing this condition, including laboratory work and imaging methods.

40 mins

Steven de Decker discusses two forms of this disorder, including presentation, and therapeutic approaches and their challenges.

41 mins

Ron Ofri discusses the causes of this eye condition and their clinical implications – as well as diagnosis methods, the aims of treatment and indications for surgical intervention.

37 mins

James Warland describes approaches to manage and treat this common yet complicated disorder in cats.

67 mins

Francesco Cian presents the case of an adult male cocker spaniel with a clinical history including lethargy and anorexia in his latest Haematology Hub.

8 mins

Yaiza Forcada and Stijn Niessen use research data and real world examples to assess how telemedicine can give a direct line to specialists.

33 mins

Sarah Caney details practical steps that can be passed on to clients to help their older feline pets maintain quality of life.

41 mins

Ian Wright discusses the effectiveness of using sprays to control parasites and how owners can take preventive measures.

28 mins

At Royal Canin, we believe nutrition is the foundation of health. That’s why we’re launching the next generation in Veterinary Health Nutrition...

2 mins

February 2019

Mark Lowrie discusses diagnosis of this chronic condition, the wide range of drugs and alternative therapies, and why it is vital to efficiently deal with owners’ expectations.

45 mins

Melanie Bruder describes possible indications for use of thermoplastics and approaches to applying it to the animal patient.

31 mins

Karen Perry uses a case involving a German shepherd dog to demonstrate successful treatment of this condition.

48 mins

Kate Parkinson discusses the importance of vaccination, worming, insurance, nutrition, neutering, spaying and gaining owner compliance.

30 mins

Kate Parkinson discusses new evidence on ways to manage this condition, aimed at general practitioners.

42 mins

Francesco Cian continues his Haematology Hub series by discussing a case of a cat with a clinical history of pyrexia, soft faeces, inappetence and intermittent vomiting.

5 mins