February 2019

Alex Gough provides a review of some of the latest studies in veterinary medicine in his monthly Research Review.

17 mins

Karen Perry, in the first of a three-part article series, looks at latest thinking on functional changes related to this disorder in dogs.

25 mins

January 2019

Darren Barnes discusses the investigation and management of these cases in companion animals – as well as indications for surgical intervention – and outlines post-treatment care.

35 mins

Ian Wright discusses the increasing threat of this vector-borne disease, and how to recognise and manage infection.

36 mins

Francesco Cian presents another case in his latest Haematology Hub, this time on a mixed breed, male dog with clinical history of inappetence, anorexia and recurrent episodes of vomiting.

5 mins

Mike Davies offers tips on how to approach this issue in practice – including tackling owner denials and achieving compliance.

31 mins

Danielle Marturello and Karen Perry, in the final of a three-part article, look at how client compliance can impact on management of the condition in dogs.

41 mins

Daniela Murgia details methods of handling this condition, referencing the primary and secondary surveys of patient trauma.

48 mins

Michael Groombridge describes the diagnosis and management of a dog that presented with apparent urinary incontinence.

28 mins

December 2018

This part of Kathryn Cowley's OA series looks at the use of physical therapy and alternative therapies as a way of tackling this condition.

19 mins

Alberto Palella Gómez recounts the presentation of a French bulldog with a cornea superficial ulcer that had been resistant to treatment.

21 mins

Kieran McDonald and Paul Burr discuss the use of this treatment in dogs, as well as its indications for use and ongoing research into its efficacy.

16 mins

Daniela Murgia, in the first of a two-part article, discusses primary tumour, regional lymph node and distant metastasis assessment.

38 mins

Leila Bedos Senon outlines use of this diagnostic method and treatment options in patients with damage to the eye’s most outer layer.

16 mins

Vanessa Bourne discusses the challenges of ensuring treatment compliance and how to increase clients’ awareness of the importance of using appropriate products.

33 mins

November 2018

Eleanor Mardell describes approaches to recognise and manage OA in an increasingly ageing population of cats with kidney disease. Contains video content.

8 mins

Francesco Cian looks at the case of an adult flat-coated retriever in his latest Cytology Corner column for Veterinary Times.

8 mins

Bob Partridge considers the causes of bad breath – with dental disease the most common.

21 mins

Lotfi El Bahri, in the first of a two-part article, introduces this antibiotic and its use in cats, including pharmacokinetics, microbiology and mode of action.

23 mins

Diana Ferreira discusses available treatment options and management strategies for both outer and middle ear inflammation.

46 mins