May 2016

VN Times editor Rebecca Hubbard continues her delve into the digital realm by talking to International Cat Care about why its Cat Friendly Clinic initiative and website is worthwhile.

26 mins

Our knowledge of ticks and tick borne diseases is growing, but so are the risks. Get informed and find out how you can fight against ticks now.

20 mins

April 2016

Lynne Kerrigan suggests ways VNs can advise and assist dog and cat owners in helping geriatric pets live life to the full in their senior years.

28 mins

Laura Rosewell discusses how VNs’ actions and protocols are essential in preventing disease spread in practice, in the second of a two-part article.

17 mins

Ear infections are among the top 10 reasons dogs are presented to vets, but treating otitis externa can be a challenge.

6 mins

March 2016

Nicola Ackerman looks at an RVN’s microchipping role in light of new legislation coming into force.

20 mins

Rebecca Hubbard in a new series, delves into the digital world to find websites, apps, forums and noticeboards to help and inspire VNs in work and play.

16 mins

The EDGE programmes from Vets Now are not only exciting and fun but they provide the ideal springboard for a career in EEC.

7 mins

February 2016

The first and most important aspect to remember when dealing with hens is they are … more

20 mins

December 2015

Laura Rosewell details the VN’s critical role in helping stop infection in practice and measures to adopt in surgical environments.

29 mins

November 2015

Can you guarantee your clients will give antibiotics responsibly? Poor compliance is likely to compromise … more

ABSTRACT As veterinary nurses, we readily advise clients about the additional needs of elderly animals … more

27 mins

A key step towards responsible antibiotic use is selecting the appropriate antibiotic. Responsible use will … more

October 2015

When receiving a wildlife casualty in practice, it is extremely important to record details to gain … more

6 mins

September 2015

General care of small mammals is directly related to their natural behaviour, environment and nutritional … more

18 mins

A team approach is critical for a successful outcome following any abdominal surgery. The team … more

21 mins

When presented with a dog suspected of suffering from separation anxiety (SA), it is important … more

17 mins

Firework season – a time many pet owners hate, with an abundance of scaredy cats and … more

13 mins

August 2015

ABSTRACT It can be assumed veterinary dental procedures are performed almost every day in almost … more

19 mins

This year has been a challenging, but exciting, time for International Aid for the Protection … more

7 mins