November 2015

Can you guarantee your clients will give antibiotics responsibly? Poor compliance is likely to compromise … more

ABSTRACT As veterinary nurses, we readily advise clients about the additional needs of elderly animals … more

27 mins

A key step towards responsible antibiotic use is selecting the appropriate antibiotic. Responsible use will … more

October 2015

When receiving a wildlife casualty in practice, it is extremely important to record details to gain … more

6 mins

September 2015

General care of small mammals is directly related to their natural behaviour, environment and nutritional … more

18 mins

A team approach is critical for a successful outcome following any abdominal surgery. The team … more

21 mins

When presented with a dog suspected of suffering from separation anxiety (SA), it is important … more

17 mins

Firework season – a time many pet owners hate, with an abundance of scaredy cats and … more

13 mins

August 2015

ABSTRACT It can be assumed veterinary dental procedures are performed almost every day in almost … more

19 mins

This year has been a challenging, but exciting, time for International Aid for the Protection … more

7 mins

July 2015

Lameness is a common presentation in equine practice and the equine veterinary nurse plays many … more

13 mins

Exercise is an essential part of a weight loss programme in overweight and obese animals. … more

19 mins

June 2015

The Dangerous Dogs Act (DDA) 1991 was pushed through parliament in response to media and public … more

13 mins

For some owners travelling with their pets can be a traumatic experience. What starts out as … more

17 mins

April 2015

Emma Gerrard explains the importance of getting clients onside when it comes to carrying out recommended veterinary action for pets’ health care.

22 mins

Overweight animals are, unfortunately, seen all too often in veterinary practice. However, this should not … more

19 mins

ABSTRACT The past decade has seen a rapid growth in popularity of small mammals kept … more

23 mins

March 2015

Cats have long been one of the most commonly owned pets in the UK. This enormous … more

20 mins

Diabetes mellitus is a complex disease, with stabilisation of blood glucose levels being affected by confounding … more

19 mins