November 2013

Jane Davidson reviews the positives and negatives of in-practice training for vets and VNs, and wonders whether the individual schemes could be more closely linked.

10 mins

October 2013

I have perused VN Times, Veterinary Times, recruitment websites, and spoken to those in practice, … more

3 mins

The September 2013 issue of VN Times has a brilliant article by Hayley Walters. Please, … more

September 2013

I have been reading with interest the arguments for and against regular scanning. At the … more

Being back in education puts me in that odd position of being a VN, but … more

4 mins

August 2013

The cat has been sickly this weekend, which is very rare for her. As she … more

We’ve done it… our own royal “baby” has appeared. After much searching and angst Hollie … more

2 mins

July 2013

It’s rolling around to another OSCE window – that memorable day in a SVN’s life … more

The recent decision by the RCVS disciplinary committee to strike a vet off over out-of-hours (OOH) … more

June 2013

The clinical coach (CC) is the unsung hero of training – so hats off to all … more

Those of you that know me know I’m not a baby lover. I have a … more

3 mins

April 2013

Warm weather is finally here – and, as much as we love this, it results … more

I’m not talking Crufts. I mean real, local “all dogs matter” dog shows. Before (and … more

March 2013

Our main holiday season is coming. YAY! We have our dog friendly cottage booked – … more

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would … more

6 mins

February 2013

Easter is fast approaching, which means several things to those of us in practice: Two … more

4 mins

Nominations for VN council have been announced, but VN turnout for voting is traditionally low – under … more

2 mins

January 2013

Well where to begin? With the current news stories it can feel like we are … more

6 mins

A new year and the new awarding bodies for the VN diploma seem to be … more

December 2012

Another week closer to Christmas, and it can be a sad time of year for … more