August 2014

It’s finally hot. SUPER HOT! Time to moan loudly about the lack of air conditioning, … more

July 2014

2014 is more than half way over – scary, but true! I have achieved some … more

I was enjoying a lovely nurse chat with a friend recently, and we started reminiscing … more

June 2014

I gave a lovely Clinical Coach training course this week. It’s always lovely to welcome … more

7 mins

I’m revisiting the eternal question of how to achieve 45 hours of CPD over the … more

May 2014

There are lots of things going on in the world of veterinary nursing at the moment: VN … more

Do you like what’s in your waiting room? Would you buy the items there? Do … more

April 2014

We know we aren’t that well paid compared to vets, but can we do things … more

This sounds simple, so I know you will be able to answer me… just tell … more

March 2014

I have been asking on my twitter account (@JaneRVN) about experiences of the nurses and … more

My thanks to fellow blogger Will Easson – we seem to think alike on many … more

February 2014

An update to my previous post, entitled “Planning the RVN/SVN year” for you… OSCE dates … more

On December 23, 2013, an important announcement was made by the Royal College of Veterinary … more

January 2014

The RCVS has announced an increase in the number of Training Practices (TPs) to just … more

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We can start our good intentions now! Let’s make 2014 the year of pre-planning and … more

December 2013

Christmas is coming! So, emergency rotas, tinsel FBs and chocolate toxicity all to come! The … more

Exam results should mean celebration – but that won't be the case for everyone. The national average pass rate is usually between 70-80%. So, what should you do if it isn't good news?

2 mins

November 2013

A fellow Vetsonline blogger, Will Easson, recently wrote a post about the potential impact of an … more

4 mins

Jane Davidson reviews the positives and negatives of in-practice training for vets and VNs, and wonders whether the individual schemes could be more closely linked.

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October 2013

I have perused VN Times, Veterinary Times, recruitment websites, and spoken to those in practice, … more

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