November 2018

Jane Davidson kicks off #PlanVetRVN and encourages vets and VNs to delegate work better within the team to provide less stress for vets, better job satisfaction for nurses and better results for patients.

15 mins

Jane Davidson looks back on her original article on the impact of in-practice training and EMS for vets and VNs, acknowledging how the system has changed and advanced in the past four years.

11 mins

October 2018

Jane Davidson reports back on an RCVS pilot for its new leadership and management course, and discovered if it supported her belief all that VNs are leaders.

14 mins

Jane Davidson provides a helpful guide on how you can gather information via social media, while making sure the details gained are relevant and used transparently.

17 mins

September 2018

Jane Davidson asks, despite those in the profession playing a bigger role, why IV placement is deemed the “headline act” for a vet nurse's skill set?

14 mins

Jane Davidson reflects on what she considers the biggest challenge when working at a new practice – finding where the needles are kept.

10 mins

August 2018

RVN Jane Davidson dresses down pet owners who forgo modesty to overshare information about themselves during a consult and warns new grads of unexpected nudity in the practice.

11 mins

Jane Davidson details that knowing whether your dog walker is covered by your insurance is not as simple as it seems and has some advice for those unsure.

14 mins

July 2018

Jane Davidson muses on whether learning communities are the future for VN and vet teaching, especially helping those in vet nursing find a cohesive identity.

18 mins

Do you sometimes struggle to get the information you need from a client – especially in an emergency? Jane Davidson reveals her own go-to term that helps direct a conversation and add much-needed focus.

12 mins

June 2018

Jane Davidson tackles this issue, stressing why it doesn't matter which building vet professionals get their degree from, what's important is their support during work-based learning and their work ethic.

17 mins

In light of the imminent anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire, RVN Jane Davidson discusses the importance of pet safety in the home – and how having an evacuation plan could be a lifesaver on both a human and animal level.

23 mins

May 2018

As a proud #spoonie, Jane Davidson reveals how she copes with her debilitating health issues and chronic fatigue after a little help from her friends and paddling down the canal at BSAVA Congress.

15 mins

In time for Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month, Jane Davidson hammers home the importance of RVNs using and taking pride in the veterinary nursing title, as well as not falling into the code-breaking trap when it comes to the RCVS' rules and regulations.

19 mins

April 2018

After an exhausting but fulfilling weekend in Birmingham, Jane looks back at a BSAVA Congress that saw her speak about vlogging, launch an environmental initiative and manage to avoid falling in the canal.

13 mins

It may be personal, it may be 'unspoken', but Jane Davidson is throwing down the gauntlet on the biological and emotional roller coaster that is hormones, and how, for female RVNs, they have a lot to answer for...

16 mins

March 2018

As “found pet” groups become more prevalent on the internet, RVN blogger Jane Davidson relives the time she found a lost cat to explain the strong feelings that come with temporary “ownership”.

16 mins

Whether due to being inundated with clients, understaffed or trying to catch up on workload, resident RVN blogger Jane Davidson discusses the prevalence of staff members booking out false practice consultations, as well as the reasons they choose to keep up this pretence...

21 mins

February 2018

Following an unusual Twitter conversation with fellow blogger Nick Marsh, our resident RVN stands up and admits: “My name’s Jane, and I’m a sniffoholic.”

12 mins

RVN Jane Davidson contemplates whether freezing and storing the body of recently deceased pets – so at some future time of medical advancement they may be brought back to life – will become a possibility, after receiving an interesting telephone call of that nature...

14 mins