April 2020

In a new column for Vet Times, Nat Scroggie describes well-being in the context of a toolkit – a visit bag of skills, strategies and habits you can pull out in a time of need – and asks: “Has there ever been a greater need for such a bag than during a global pandemic?”

11 mins

Often overlooked in favour of more exciting cells, Nick Marsh wants you to raise your glass to humble neutrophils – the unsung heroes of our body's defences.

14 mins

The official advice is clear, but a signficant number of pet owners are interpreting the rules in their own way – and Jordan Sinclair's faith in humanity is dwindling...

12 mins

March 2020

Submitted before the UK was put into lockdown, Nick Marsh’s latest blog describes his thoughts as he watches the story of coronavirus grow from rumour to pandemic in mere days.

9 mins

Although insurance is not quite the gig it was, Jordan explains why she would still advocate its importance to her clients.

14 mins

Nick Marsh discusses the irony between hectic practice life leaving you longing a quieter day, only for you to be met with dragging hours and more saved up tasks than you bargained for when it comes along.

8 mins

February 2020

In today’s blame culture, we can often feel responsible for negative client interaction. With this in mind, Jordan Sinclair explains the importance of reminding yourself you are a vet and know what you’re doing.

14 mins

Blogger Nick Marsh explains why, if he were a leukocyte, he’d probably be a neutrophil but would dream of being a macrophage – the multifunctional immune superhero.

14 mins

Jordan Sinclair discusses this concept and its limitations in the veterinary sphere, but also the importance of securing hours that safeguard your well-being and work-life balance.

10 mins

Nick Marsh discusses the irony of our brains' ability to predict the future, but the unfortunate unforeseen consequences this can lead to – especially when it comes to subsequent worrying.

16 mins

January 2020

Jordan Sinclair discusses how pet owning is carbon costly, but looking at the bigger picture, pets could reduce an owner’s carbon footprint due to the type of lifestyle he or she adopts to care for them.

12 mins

Cancer, despite being feared, is a broad term for various diseases that share a similar cause. Nick Marsh classifies tumours based on the cells they’re derived from and how they appear down the microscope.

19 mins

January marks the time to set new goals, but with no sign of cash, warm weather or an end to leftover chocolate, its tough. Jordan Sinclair explains how long-term, realistic plans are the secret to success.

12 mins

“I know I’m helping with my reports and my opinions, but I very rarely get the buzz any more” – having not worked in general practice for four years – Nick Marsh wonders if he will ever feel “the buzz” again.

19 mins

December 2019

Having learned about the initiatives carried out by Davies Veterinary Specialists, Jordan Sinclair ponders the changes – big and small – the profession could make to reduce its environmental impact.

16 mins

Amid late-night elf-hiding antics, Nick Marsh found light relief in Adam Kay’s ‘Twas the Nightshift Before Christmas – as well as food for thought, not least, on how elderly pets are treated at Christmas.

12 mins

Without veering too far into “Bah, humbug!” territory, Jordan Sinclair re-envisions a traditional Christmas classic to more accurately illustrate the festive season in first opinion veterinary practice.

4 mins

“I discovered a poem bubbling up in my head, so I wrote it down for posterity, and now it’s your problem” – Nick Marsh shares an emotional and personal view on end-of-life care.

5 mins

“Veterinary care is much more on par with private health care, but a lot of owners don’t quite realise that,” says Jordan Sinclair as she ponders the concept of privatisation.

12 mins

November 2019

Nick Marsh recounts a time when he admitted two animals with the same condition, but struggles to justify the fact one cost thousands and the other next to nothing, to achieve seemingly identical outcomes.

20 mins