August 2013

When I graduated the cascade was new and few people had even heard of it … more

July 2013

I have been qualified for 16 years now, and all bar five months of that … more

The current news of the American NSA and British GCHQ indiscriminately stealing and using citizen … more

May 2013

Like many of us I take an interest in the happenings of the RCVS and … more

Crufts was on telly recently. My wife made me watch it (or so I’ll assert to … more

April 2013

Attitudes and opinions change gradually as we get older. I don’t normally subscribe to the … more

My phone (a Galaxy Note) is a wonderful device when I think about it. I … more

March 2013

Pricing of our services is an odd issue and one I have unresolved and conflicting … more

When I was at vet school in the nineties I reached fourth year, the last … more

February 2013

The perennial topic of comparative suicide rates in different professions came up this weekend at … more

14 mins

As I finished looking at the somewhat dishevelled six-year-old Westie I reviewed my findings; TPR … more

January 2013

As part of my studies at the moment I have to get up to speed … more

December 2012

“I want to be the person my dogs think I am.” That quote (I’m afraid … more

November 2012

I read with surprise another university is seeing fit to build a new veterinary school, … more