July 2014

In my interview for Glasgow vet school, I was asked the question “how far is … more

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June 2014

Having endured the wait for results, I can officially say I’ve passed my second year … more

A friend who had attended an International Veterinary Students’ Association trip told me I should … more

May 2014

I’ve always had cats at home, and they often played the role of revision buddy/lap … more

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It’s that dreaded time of year again: end of year professional exams. Having already completed … more

April 2014

The Glasgow Vet School Rodeo is an annual charity event organised by vet students. It … more

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The vet handed me the needle and vacuum tubes and, at the slightly bewildered look … more

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March 2014

Over the last month there’s been quite an uproar over the reality of the production … more

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Vegetarianism can be quite the controversial topic, with many people choosing not to eat meat … more

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As graduates, one of the most routine surgeries that we will be expected to be … more

February 2014

In January, I attended my first AVS (the Association of Veterinary Students) congress. It was … more

January 2014

Lectures on legislation regarding veterinary-related issues are never the most interesting, often involving endless lists … more

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A role play class with professional actors brought in to help out would be commonplace … more

December 2013

For a nation of horse lovers, the discovery of equine DNA in food products earlier … more

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The opportunity to take part in sport, either competitively or recreationally, is an essential part of stress … more

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Vet students have their own little community, not only within their own university but also … more

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November 2013

Following last year’s announcement that the University of Surrey is to open a new veterinary … more

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October 2013

Recently, for the first time in years, I tried my hand at polo again. I … more

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After a summer of EMS, traveling and very little academic work, the time finally came … more

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September 2013

Student vet Jordan Sinclair describes the life-changing experience of undertaking pre-clinical EMS in Bolivia and how it reminded her why she wants to be a vet.

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