June 2014

Having endured the wait for results, I can officially say I’ve passed my second year … more

Cats with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) may have concurrent low vitamin B12 levels (Tams, 2014). … more

2 mins

This is going to be a tough one to write without winding somebody up. It’s … more

I gave a lovely Clinical Coach training course this week. It’s always lovely to welcome … more

7 mins

A friend who had attended an International Veterinary Students’ Association trip told me I should … more

Electronic security is back in the news: eBay has announced that it was hacked a … more

I’m revisiting the eternal question of how to achieve 45 hours of CPD over the … more

May 2014

I’ve always had cats at home, and they often played the role of revision buddy/lap … more

7 mins

There are no specific packed cell volume guidelines as to when to transfuse an animal … more

1 mins

Like most people in this profession I have problems with the RCVS Disciplinary Committee’s judgement … more

18 mins

There are lots of things going on in the world of veterinary nursing at the moment: VN … more

Anaesthesia normally depresses laryngeal movements, making diagnosis of laryngeal paralysis challenging. The animal should be … more

Virbac marketing manager Simon Boulton talks to vetsonline about the company’s Parvo-Alert service – a social … more

1 mins

It’s that dreaded time of year again: end of year professional exams. Having already completed … more

The RCVS is changing the Register of Members so that only qualifications immediately relevant to your … more

Do you like what’s in your waiting room? Would you buy the items there? Do … more

Diagnosis of Lyme’s disease is challenging and normally depends on evidence of exposure along with … more

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April 2014

The Glasgow Vet School Rodeo is an annual charity event organised by vet students. It … more

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There is an ever-present drum beat in the profession’s media, and that is of ever-improving … more

We know we aren’t that well paid compared to vets, but can we do things … more