August 2008

In the first of a three-part series in which he recalls his experiences of moving … more

18 mins

Many practices, as well as the vets working in them, don’t feel comfortable selling. But … more

21 mins

With the country suffering the credit crunch and businesses looking for ways to cut costs, … more

18 mins

‘If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always … more

27 mins

In the latest Databytes column, ROB TILLYARD looks at how new technology can help take … more

12 mins

June 2008

Although it’s not one of the Government’s biggest earners, capital gains tax still rakes in … more

20 mins

In the latest of a new series on how you can improve your practice marketing, … more

8 mins

Charles and James Bagnall always planned to set up in practice together, but it happened … more

31 mins

Reducing the chances of cross-contamination in practice is vital for veterinary businesses. Here, the author … more

19 mins

In this column on health and safety issues in practice, GARY SULLIVAN looks at work-related … more

7 mins

A veterinary practitioner with his or her heart set on business ownership has a number … more

47 mins

THE OXFORD ENGLISH Corpus is a vast database of current language containing evidence from sources … more

13 mins

In the first of a series of articles from this year’s TMS Seminar, STEVE DERBY … more

22 mins

When it comes to positive and practical approaches to growing a business, smaller companies could, … more

14 mins

The first deadline for participants studying for this year’s Certificate in Veterinary Practice Management is … more

15 mins

Veterinary professionals, and the owners they come into contact with, often have the interests of … more

9 mins

Often, the only time practices will see many owners is when they bring in their … more

25 mins

In the latest column for VBJ on personnel issues in practice, GILLIAN DOWLING looks at … more

9 mins

April 2008

• In his opening article, the author looked at how to set up a limited company. … more

20 mins

In this column on health and safety issues in practice, GARY SULLIVAN reiterates why making … more

14 mins