February 2016

A survey by HMRC on what businesses thought of the new real time information (RTI) process … more

13 mins

January 2016

Working in veterinary practice involves meeting, talking and interacting with a variety of different people … more

10 mins

The most troubling euthanasia cases typically concern client reluctance to consent to urgently needed euthanasia … more

13 mins

December 2015

As I write this article, the weather is on the turn for the worse and … more

17 mins

Imagine a dog’s owners have a problem with their beloved Ranger. This could be a long-standing … more

27 mins

No matter how good you, your practice and your people are you will occasionally encounter an … more

8 mins

Employers want to know what their employees are doing at work. From a purely practical … more

18 mins

November 2015

Obesity is a common condition in dogs and cats with prevalence ranging from 25% to more … more

17 mins

Some exceptional things have been happening in my life recently. After three years in ownership … more

12 mins

A record number of delegates and exhibitors are expected to attend the seventh London Vet Show … more

10 mins

October 2015

We see plenty of evidence for the feminisation of the veterinary profession in our business. CVS currently … more

15 mins

September 2015

The benefits of using nurses to communicate with clients, usually about preventive health care, have … more

24 mins

With so many people using LinkedIn as a business tool, enabling individual employees to make connections … more

16 mins

August 2015

So you’re thinking of hiring a recent graduate, but are concerned about the risks involved. Some of … more

26 mins

Dave Nicol turned his world upside down when he moved to Sydney in 2009 to … more

8 mins

July 2015

Some members of the veterinary profession who will freely admit to only possessing superficial knowledge … more

15 mins

June 2015

All those working in the veterinary profession need to ask ourselves what we are doing as … more

20 mins

May 2015

Misery loves company. This old adage proved painfully evident during a meeting with a veterinary … more

21 mins

October 2013

A raft of employment regulation changes, whether introduced or pending, are explored by Croner’s AMY … more

7 mins

August 2013

One problem with employment law – especially employment law for small businesses – is that it doesn’t … more

9 mins