It occurred to me the other day I hadn’t seen an aural haematoma for some time. Saying that, I now expect three to come along in Monday-morning surgery.

I also recall a time when we immediately resorted to surgery as the primary treatment. However, lately we have drained the ear and injected dexamethasone into the space. If you do this, though, it is vital to inform the owner the ear will swell up again post-draining, but will resolve over the following week or so.

As long as we are treating any concurrent otitis externa (if present), I have found this a very effective means of treatment and very valuable in elderly patients with co-morbidities.

Greg Martinez DVM drains, injects and wraps an aural haematoma (source: YouTube).

Note: Greg uses cortisone rather than dexamethasone.

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Martin Squires
Martin Squires
1 year 6 months ago

What are you using as local anaesthesia for the procedure? It is rather painful and last two dogs I tried it out on failed to resolve and now hate coming to the surgery because they associate the visit with the previous insult!


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