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A Jack Russell terrier has cheated death for a second time after its leg became impaled on an iron gatepost.

5 mins

Jon Hardy looks at the consequences, diagnosis and treatment relating to deficiency of this essential mineral in dogs.

17 mins

Nick Marsh suspects imposter syndrome may be particularly strong for veterinary graduates thrown in at the deep end – but urges you to destroy any thoughts you may have about not being good enough to impart advice.

11 mins

Thomas Iveson, Svetlana Sungailaite and Eduardo Velazquez discuss the challenges of efficient pig production and how disease control and good management strategies are important to a successful outcome.

20 mins

Veronica Roberts looks at some of the possible causes of weight loss in horses, using gastrointestinal disease as the main focus, and suggests ways of testing for its origin.

26 mins

Shivananden Sawmy analyses a case of an adult male lionhead leporid presenting with suspected lead poisoning in terms of pathogenesis, signs, diagnosis and treatment options.

34 mins