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Scientists believe they may have identified the mystery cause of “shaking piglets” – cases of which have been reported in Europe and abroad since the 1920s.

Scientists at The University of Edinburgh’s Roslyn Institute say the advances have the potential to improve the quality of UK farmed pigs and make them more resilient to disease.

3 mins

Catherine Wilson discusses work being carried out to understand diseases linked between people and animals in western Africa.

17 mins

Nick Marsh has discovered a little bit of magic in his life – just in time for Christmas. However, as he explains, it also means his new year's resolution is to enunciate better.

11 mins

Oliver Tilling explains the importance of a calf's first nutritional intake and steps for its effective production and management.

16 mins

The Government has said its strategy to tackle bTB continues to deliver results – and east and north England could achieve status two years ahead of time.

6 mins